About us


Scic since 1948, in a furniture workshop of Parma city centre, started realizing the first wooden furniture prototypes. A few years later moved to the old Mariano Mill and in 1966 moves to its present location beside the motorway, the ‘autostrada del Sole’.


Carosello was an Italian television advertising show, broadcast on RAI every day for 10 minutes in every Italian TV from 1957 to 1977. In SCIC’s case, the protagonists of the sketches were Ciccio and Franco Ingrassia as animated characters, who try desperately to facilitate Rosalia’s wedding, obstructed by the mean godmother.

Franco Maria Ricci

In 1963, the president Renzo Fornari decided to entrust the friend graphic designer, editor and art critic Franco Maria Ricci, for the designing of the logo and image of the company. The proposed brand is very simple, modern and compact. A hexagon, decomposed into six equilateral triangles, which suggest the concept of modularity…

G. S SCIC – The cycling

In 1969, Scic debuts in the cycling world. This union was born out of a real and unique passion that ends up turning into an exclusive love. The parmesan cyclist Vittorio Adorni is the pivot of the team, who had just won the rainbow jersey.