Alessandro Roma – Slipping

Alessandro Roma – Slipping

Alessandro Roma – Slipping 864 486 SCIC Italia

The Milanese SCIC flagship store is an extremely characteristic space, which keeps the memories of Franco Maria Ricci, an historical Italian editor and also the brand designer for SCIC. Exactly in Via Durini 19, where now you can meet the SCIC flagship store, once there was Franco Maria Ricci’s store: exactly for this reason the space is still populated with stucco and a very choreographic fountain. Alessandro Roma conceived a site-specific intervention, where nature and color are the absolute protagonists.

The wall painting and the glazed ceramics light up the watering wall: natural elements growth naturally upon them, giving life to a harmonic composition. The artist imagined a new space in which domestic objects, such as ceramics, flowers and books invaded the room. In this way Alessandro Roma engages the spectator, bringing him inside a private dimension: a special place of comfort capable of dialing with the kitchens and the objects and giving life to knew dialogues between art and design. Slipping suggests us a way of falling inside his imaginary, the possibility of losing ourselves freely inside shapes and colors.

Slipping his also the second project of a temporary concept where the best Italian artists are called to interpret the excellence of Italian design: the result is a hybrid space, where creativity conquers the walls. Before the closing of the show, Alessandro Roma will also present the art-work made for the SCIC collection.