Kitchen Collection

Kitchen Collection

Kitchen Collection 1500 2000 SCIC Italia



Parma, 20th February 2023

SCIC Italia presents the new Kitchen Collection catalogue which is created to combine the traditional models with the new ones.

Kitchen Collection is the new SCIC catalogue that brings together novelty and tradition. Eight are the settings shown, between which, beside the unforgettable classical models, arise the reinterpretations. The spotlight is on the Milan Flagship Store, where the majority of the compositions are hosted, becoming an inspirational location for the architects’creativity, together with the Parma Headquarter that welcomes the most recent creations. A catalogue with a photographic approach, that lets emerge the origins and traditions of the company, enhancing ideals such as the craftsmanship and the renewed appreciation of semplicity.

Modularity takes on a new meaning, becoming a peculiar and characteristic feature: Kitchen Collection highlights the hybrid models that overcome the concept of structural rigidity, creating more evanescent compositions. An example is the Canossa model that becomes one with the Swing System realizing a functional, innovative kitchen with a classical taste. Different styles and designs are balanced creating a formal equilibrium that underlines their coexistence inside a shared space, in which the maximum expression of contemporary luxury is opposed to minimalistic and modern tendencies.

A catalogue thought to incorporate the previous Sistema Mediterraneum, Monolite, Collezione 2019 and to show the last projects, still not revealed to the public. A real business card to really come to know SCIC world. The innovative layout aligns all the commercial tools that the company makes available to salespeople, valorising two fundamental features: the models and the door thicknesses. A detail that, at first sight seems superficial, but it plays a pivotal role when talking about SCIC compositions.

SCIC Italia confirms its environmental commitment guaranteeing an ethical and sustainable use of the catalogue, reducing the use of the paper. Therefore, Kitchen Collection is available to everyone in a digital format.


Download it from here: https://scic.it/en/italian-modern-designer-fitted-kitchens-catalogs/


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