LUNASCIC: 1969 – 2019

LUNASCIC: 1969 – 2019

LUNASCIC: 1969 – 2019 768 576 SCIC Italia

Considering the big events that leave lasting tracks in our world, we have to mention the challenge that changed forever the sense of human presence: the first moon landing by human being! A real and technological revolution that shook up the daily life of humanity.

The year was 1969 and among the many innovations on this period, came to light the first electronic kitchen by SCIC: LUNASCIC. SCIC dedicated this kitchen to the big moon event.


A kitchen never designed before, with a tecnology at the vanguard and designed by Renzo Fornari in collaboration with architect Alberto Mambriani. Lunascic was born in the name of ergonomics, it was characterized by electronic devices which had the function to take the shelves at the optimal work level, with a game of intersections to use all the space available.
Everything came at hand just pressing a button. The characteristic refrigerator was cylindrical and the structure with shelves-containers went up and down electronically. It also had an air cooling system.

1969 was a year it was worth considering and to commemorate, especially at his 50th anniversary, it was an year that marked the global history. We are proud to remember that special year in SCIC, with these pictures of our magnificent LUNASCIC.

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