G.S SCIC: 1969 – 2019

G.S SCIC: 1969 – 2019

G.S SCIC: 1969 – 2019 1125 633 SCIC Italia

December the 3rd : book presentation event “GS SCIC – Undici anni su due ruote”, by Alessandro Freschi with the collaboration of Paolo Gandolfi. The book records the years of the cycling Sport Group sponsored by SCIC SpA from 1969, captained by Adorni, to 1979 captained by Saronni.

1969 is the year of SCIC’s debut in the world of bicycle racing. More than for a studied advertising strategy, this union was born out of a real and unique passion. The cycling passion ends up turning into an exclusive love. The bond and love between SCIC and its teams is pictured year after year through a large collection of images in which the deeds and emotions of all the athletes who took part in this amazing story (from the junior members to the most great champions) are represented.

The 50th anniversary is celebrated in SCIC’s headquarter with a new permanent pavilion, designed by architect A. Cardelli, where some of the main cups , trophies and memories are displayed.

After the presentation of Mr. Alessandro Freschi and a speech of Mr. Lorenzo Marconi, CEO of SCIC, the protagonists of the teams of those glorious years have entertained the audience with exiting (and also hilarious) anecdotes of sports brotherwood.


The event was attended by cyclists: Vittorio Adorni, Luciano Armani, Franco Balmamion, Gaetano Baronchelli, Giambattista Baronchelli, Osvaldo Bettoni, Franco Bitossi, Davide Boifava, Emilio Casalini, Arnaldo Caverzasi, Sandro Ceccato (medico), Alfredo Chinetti, Ernesto Colnago (meccanico / ds), Mino Denti, Gianfranco Foresti, Wainer Franzoni, Gabriele Landoni, Armando Lora, Bruno Mealli, Claudio Michelotto, Mario Mordonini (meccanico), Franco Mori, Primo Mori, Guido Neri, Enrico Paolini, Rino Parmeggiani (meccanico), Pierino Primavera, Walter Riccomi, Attilio Rota, Giuseppe Saronni, Amilcare Sgalbazzi, Piero Spinelli, Bruno Zanoni, Paolo Zini. Sono intervenuti anche Carla Chiappano, vedova di Carlo, e Milly Giganti, figlia dell’ex ds Eraldo, oltre agli ex ciclisti Anni, Partesotti e Torelli.