#WEAREITALY 2560 1920 SCIC Italia


Since 1948 to date, we have built our kitchens with great dedication and passion and we did with every fibre of our being. Now is the time to think about a new phase, we are ready to face the new challenges that lie ahead with courage and enthusiasm, stronger than before, in accordance with protocols…

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Since 1948: design, technology and quality for your kitchens.

SCIC finds its way into the heart of every Italian home since the end of the 40’s that thanks to its kitchens with their modern and unconventional design. The soul of the Company grew up and has evolved concurrently with developments and changes of our country and international context. Today SCIC studies, designs and produces the complete furniture for the house and it exports its products all around the world on the basis of true Made in Italy. Since 1948 SCIC is the leader in Italian furnishing.